Why Pilates

Is It For Me?

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact muscular strength, flexibiltiy and endurance movements. It's wonderful for people of all ages, and classes range from Beginners to Advanced. Pilates has been around for many years; it was originally called Contrology but changed name to it’s creator Joseph Pilates who developed the exercises in the 1920s. 

A Pilates routine generally includes exercises that promote core strength, postural alignment and stability in addition to exercises that stress correct movement patterns and body awareness. It can also be helpful in training for sports or physical rehabilitation.


A wide variety of exercises are done on the Reformer to promote length, flexibility and balance. The Reformer offers all the benefits of Mat Pilates as well as overall strength and alignment. These lead to daily life improvements such as better posture, efficient movement and relief from pain associated with physical imbalances.

The Powerhouse (groups of muscles surrounding the hips often referred to as The Core) are paramount for building strength. Flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks, and firm thighs are all results of this emphasis and the Reformer creates a unique and varied environment to gain strength in this area

Examples of Reformer exercises can be viewed on my Instagram profile, click the icon at the bottom of the page!


Benefits of Pilates

Wonderful Wellness


Hip & Spine Support

Strength & Endurance

Pilates Stretches

Flexibility & Body Awareness


Overall Strength

Health & Wellbeing

Man Doing Pushup_edited.jpg

Balance & Coordination

Body Alignment

Senior Physiotherapy

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